Thursday, May 7, 2009


Is it May??? Really? How is that possible? I'm hopeless at this blogging thing. I actually blog a lot in my head.

Um...exciting things that have happened lately, you ask? I was nomintated for three Manitoba Book Awards - Most Promising Writer, Winnipeg Book Award and Best First Book. I managed to snag one. I was so convinced I would not, not, not win that I didn't even contemplate what I would say and went shoe shopping. That seemed like a much more productive use of my limited time. So when I WON the Best First Book Award my shoe gave a pretty crappy speech. Ah well.

Another highlight in my life as of late is that McNally contacted me and they are going to put my mug shot up there on the wall with all those fantastic writers. It's been kind of a personal dream of mine my whole life. And I'm really hoping that they don't change their mind about it.

I was in New York last week...and I should lie and say I had meetings with Vanity Fair and the like about my book being featured...but the truth is I was a full on tourist. But I told two New Yorkers on the ferry ride the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty that I wrote a book. Does that justify the trip?

There is rumour and talk of a potential Prairie Bridesmaid movie. How great would that be. I think I will audition for the role of Anna...oh wait...I played that role for ten years. Never mind.

My excuses for not blogging are many...the baby in my belly is sucking ALL of my energy. Did I mention it's a girl. Oskar, my two year old, announced yesterday that "sister" would be living in the house two doors over and we could visit her if we wanted. Hmmm....I can see this is all going to go very well. I've also caught every single cold, bug flu ...well except the "you know what flu" that has been making rounds this winter.

And I'm madly trying to get the first draft of my second novel written before July. This goal is looking more and more hopeless. But I still wake at 5 am everyday to write as though it's a possibility.

Ahhh life.