Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Book Clubs... Here I Come

I'm going to three book clubs in Winnipeg this week...and I wish that I could attend all of the others that are happening in other provinces and even in the States.

I have to be candid though, I'm worried. I drink a lot and I shoot off my mouth, and said mouth can be foul at times. So, I'm thinking that my plan at these events should be to pass on the booze - though I don't think, to date, I have ever passed up a free drink (see previous blog about the career counsellor; the things we'll do for free alcohol). At any rate, I shall try to pass on the red wine.

It will also be strange to be sitting in someone's living room listening to them dissect something I"ve spent years writing. I could be subjecting myself to total torture and criticism -and much of it, I'm sure, deserved.

The point of bookclubs is not to be polite because the author (aka white elephant) is in the room. A good book club will discuss things about the book that work, but it will also address things about the book that do not work. Maybe I'll get asked ...what the hell were you thinking when you wrote blah blah blah ...because I think it was pretty stupid. My worst fear, probably, is that I will entirely agree with these types of comments.

All of this said, I'm thrilled that people are choosing this book for their clubs. Really. This means that real readers who like to think about and talk about books are sinking their chompers into my novel...and this excites me!

Wait a minute...why isn't my own bookclub doing The Prairie Bridesmaid

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