Monday, March 2, 2009

Books & Babes

Where the hell have I been? Good question. If anyone knows, let me know. All of a sudden it's March and the paperback has been released. Huh?

Okay, I've been at a kabillion bookclubs this winter. Check out these bridesmaid cookies Shannon Burns made for her book club! As I stuff shrimp crackers down my throat it is so flattering to see how passionate and excited people are about this book. Really, it is!

The hard cover of the novel is gonzo so now you can save yourself ten bucks and buy it in trade paper...or just borrow it from someone and photocopy it.

I'm trying to write a second novel (and no, it's not a sequel!), but it seems I've gotten myself pregnant - well not to lay blame, but I think my husband is technically responsible. While this is very exciting, I've been off coffee and booze which makes the act writing excruciating...and I suspect the product quite bad. We'll see what agent, publisher and editor have to say. Ultimately though, I don't think "babies in progress" and writing are very congruent. Eating ice cream and napping are always sooooooo much more appealing than hammering away at my laptop. This is also another lame excuse for not attacking my blog. At any rate... I forge ahead and will hopefully finish a first draft by early summer. Which comes first - baby or book? The race is on.

I drove my parents to the airport for their annual tourista trek to the wristbands & free-drink capital of the western world - Peurta Vallarta. My dad proudly showed me his copy of The Prairie Bridesmaid that he plans to read on the beach. Seriously dad, 7 months later, you're going to read my book? Well, at least he's reading it - which is more than I can say for my bro. I know, I hold very unreasonable expectations for my familia. At the very least, I might be responsible for ruining a cheap Mexican vacation.

Mocha pecan in the freezer section at Safeway calls...but I'm excited about the release of the paperback, pending spring, my blooming belly, my not-so-blooming second book and of course the act of blogging. I'm back.

Daria Zmiyiwsky's book club

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sourkrause said...

note to wife: don't knock husband because he is a fetching example of super-human virility. PS: buy husband treats.