Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Escape

Weird things have been happening this week, the last couple of weeks really. I've been downing beer and wine...starting at 11 am. I haven't watched television - had cable in years and all of a sudden I've devoured two entire DVD television series in a week - Calfornication and Rescue Me, both of which I highly recommend. When I'm not boozing or watching rented DVD's I'm at wading pools, kids museums, the zoo, the beach, anywhere with Oskar. He's wondering what the hell ever happened to pajama days. We like pajama days.

It's Escape.

My book comes out this weekend and I am trying to dig a tunnel out of this reality. For years and years and years and years I've written away and dreamed of having a novel published. The great thing about dreams are that you never consider the consequences, you only entertain the beauty and benifits. Winning the lottery. You envision your house your car, your unemployment - not the fact that you'd become a consumeristic idiot contributor to rotting the planet. Writing a novel. I saw the book advance, the book launch, the signings the readings, the fame. haha

But now that it's actually happening, it's terrifying that people will read (and pay for) something that has actually come out of my brain. I wish I was one of those cool people who doesn't give a shit what people think, and maybe four books down the road I won't care. But right now, apparently, I do.

Come Saturday, when the book is finally released, all will be well. It will be fun. It will be everything I ever dreamed of. Until then, can anyone recommend a good television series?


Alys-Lynne said...

Well, my dear...only 2 more sleeps to 'B' day. It's all very exciting and we're so proud of you as we share wine and beer while basking in the glow from the house next door to the about to be famous writer. Savour every moment!
Thanks for passing along Californication...we're hooked. For more escape, highly recommend 'Frasier'. Start at season one...amazing writing and acting. xoxoxo

Steven said...

Does your book have any lesbian sex scenes or really nasty swear words in it? I'd like to buy a copy for my grandmother, who is a nun, but I can't be giving her smut.

BionicPerry said...

Yay you!

I finished the "advanced" copy last week (yup, one of the perks at the WIWF I must say, heh-heh).

But have no fear, I plan on buying a real copy to have and own and call George and have it signed by you! Gotta support the local yokels, eh?

As for DVD series: Battlestar Galactica. Can't recommend it enough. And Firefly. Very cool.

Ariel Gordon said...

The Closer. Strong strong female character who is also very girly.

(Also, congrats! Congrats congrats!)

Steve said...

Hey there, WaterBoy here.... Steven (not me) has a good question, multi-layered. So what's the answer... we just bought three copies and are are sending a copy to my British cousins. We don't want to give them the wrong impression of our neighbour.
By the way, for your back cover photo... I was pretty sure you'd use the one with you in your wedding gown carrying a case of Stella.
So are they serving wine at the launch? If not, I still might come to it, but it just wouldn't be a "Daria" party without.
Congrats! Cheers! Ya-hooooo!